01. $40? I think it's [ridiculous] to spend that much money for a T-shirt.
02. The student told the teacher a [ridiculous] story about his dog eating his homework, but she didn't believe him.
03. The other children [ridiculed] the little boy for wetting his pants in class.
04. He paid a [ridiculously] high price for his car just because he was determined to buy a convertible Volkswagen Beetle.
05. Edmond de Concourt once observed that a painting in a museum hears more [ridiculous] opinions than anything else in the world.
06. My grandfather thinks it's [ridiculous] for people to talk about the rights of animals.
07. He looked [ridiculous] dressed as a woman for the school play.
08. The two girls were having what I considered to be a [ridiculous] conversation about the contribution of the fashion industry to our society.
09. He has this [ridiculous] idea that he can just quit high school and become a rock star.
10. So much of modern fashion is totally [ridiculous]; no one would ever wear these clothes in public.
11. In my opinion, much of today's performance art is simply [ridiculous] - a cry for attention by totally untalented artists.
12. There is a Chinese proverb which states that to be uncertain is to be uncomfortable, but to be certain is to be [ridiculous].
13. She was wearing a [ridiculous] looking hat, and an ugly pink dress.
14. Professional athletes now receive [ridiculously] high salaries, which no one could even begin to spend in a normal lifetime.
15. When someone tries to sell something like this at such a [ridiculously] low price, you have to figure that there's something strange going on.
16. The calypso music of Trinidad was originally used as a tool to [ridicule] the greed, envy and vanity of the rich.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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